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chicago neighborhoods

Community Engagement: the Special Genius of Social Work

Community engagement is a term often heard in social work and in academia, but what does it really mean to “engage” the community? When asked this question, Professor Alice K. Butterfield says without…

outreach event

Operation Ac-COUNT-Ability: Don't Count Us Out

“The census is important to communities, but people don’t always understand how or why,” says Dr. Joseph Strickland, Associate Director of the Jane Addams Center for Social Policy and Research. Strickland is spearheading…

Henrika McCoy

Dr. Henrika McCoy Selected for Prestigious ACE Fellowship

Associate Professor Henrika McCoy has been named an American Council on Education (ACE) Fellow for academic year 2020-21. Following nomination by senior administration of JACSW and UIC, and a rigorous application process, she…

man behind prison bars

Mass Incarceration: Punishing the Families

In America’s era of mass incarceration, a startling number of families experience the deleterious impact of the imprisonment of a family member. More sensible public policies are needed to address this crisis.