Jane Addams College is Mission-Driven

51 Faculty Members

working on socially vital research projects, and teaching, lecturing and mentoring in important social work specializations.

JACSW MSW student

490 MSW Students

providing over 200,000 hours of social work services through field placements at over 270 agencies in Chicagoland.

Randy Fisher

Well Over 10,000 Alumni

providing social work services throughout the Chicago area, across the nation, and around the world.

All With One Mission:

advancing social, racial and economic justice.

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In the Spirit of Jane Addams

Often described as the “mother of social work” in America, Jane Addams worked tirelessly on behalf of poor and immigrant families in Chicago.

The Jane Addams College of Social Work carries forward that mission and that spirit of service, adapting them to the realities of today’s urban environments.

Programs that Prepare You for Real-World Social Work

Our professors and instructors have worked extensively in the field, and this real-world experience permeates our curriculum. Our program enhancements provide focused skillsets for working with particular marginalized populations. Graduates from Jane Addams College of Social Work are ready to make a positive impact in the world.

MSW program

Serving Underserved Communities

Through it’s programs and MSW field placements, Jane Addams College actively serves underprivileged individuals and communities, both in the city of Chicago and throughout the metropolitan area.

Research with Real Impact

Our faculty conducts research that is every bit as mission-driven as the community services we provide. Research at Jane Addams College produces results that advance social justice for marginalized and disadvantaged populations in our society.

Urban Chicago Location

We are located in the heart of Chicago, just minutes from downtown and in the same neighborhood as Jane Addams’ Hull-House, offering students access to a variety of urban experiences and a diversity of communities.

Why Jane Addams College?

Top Ranked

Jane Addams is consistently ranked in the top 10–12% of graduate social work programs by U.S. News.

Academic Excellence

Our faculty include researchers and scholars who are leaders in their field and internationally recognized.

Student Diversity

  • Asian
  • Black / African Amer.
  • Hispanic / Latinx
  • White
  • Other*

* Other = American Indian/Alaskan Native, Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander, International and Unknown

In the Words of Our Students...

“I initially chose Jane Addams College because I had discovered who Jane Addams was, and she instantly became a hero to me. However, as I completed my MSW, I learned so much more about the college and its values. The professors are real social workers who inspire me. They recognized my unique traits and interests, and helped me harness my own passion and guide it into something productive and beneficial to the field. The Jane Addams College of Social Work helps populations who are in need, and that is something that I will always stand behind.”

– Tobi Ballantine, MSW ’17

“In Jane Addams’ doctoral program, I have been fortunate to work with well-respected researchers, teach a master’s level course, and gain service experience as a student representative on the doctoral committee. Now that I am focusing almost exclusively on my dissertation and publishing, I am especially grateful to have the continued support and guidance of my dissertation committee, faculty-at-large, and my fellow doctoral students.”

– Andrew I. Repp, Doctoral Student

“Jane Addams truly changed my social work career. I feel so connected to urban city populations after interning on an inpatient psychiatric unit at University of Illinois Hospital & Health Sciences System. If you are a person who wants to develop skills among communities with a variety of issues, and study under those who are truly committed to social work, Jane Addams can open doors for you.”

– Emily Keesling, MSW ’17

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