How to Apply

Full-time and Advanced Standing MSW students are eligible for the MSW/MPH joint degree.  Full-time applicants start the joint degree in the MSW program. Applicants eligible for MSW Advanced Standing must start the joint degree in the MPH program and so should apply to the MPH program and enroll in MPH coursework prior to applying to the MSW program. For more information please contact Dr. Christopher Mitchell.

Students must apply to and be admitted separately to both the School of Public Health and the College of Social Work master’s degree programs. The policies of each program with respect to admission requirements, degree requirements, and other academic requirements are applicable. To be considered for admission students must take the GRE (required for admission to the MPH), have earned a baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution, and satisfy other application requirements for each college.

Transferring into MSW/MPH joint degree program:

Students who enter either of the individual degree programs and later decide to transfer into the joint program may do so before entering their second year of study if they meet the admissions requirements of the other degree program. Students must apply and be accepted into both individual degree programs.

Application Timeline

  • January 15

    Deadline for prospective students to submit application to MSW program

  • January 15

    Deadline for current 1st year MSW students to submit Change of Graduate Program materials

Applications for Prospective MSW/MPH Students

Application Task Checklist for Current First Year MSW Students Interested in Adding the MPH Degree

  • Submit GRE Scores directly to UIC

    Scores of the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) need to be submitted directly to UIC SPH.

  • Submit Request for Change of Graduate Degree

    The Change of Graduate Program form is a very brief form that must be completed by the student and submitted as part of the application. (Submit directly to Dr. Christopher Mitchell.)

  • Submit a Personal Statement

    The personal statement is a two page statement in which the student explains reasons for applying to the joint degree program and how the degree relates to the student’s career goals. (Submit directly to Dr. Christopher Mitchell.)

  • Submit an updated resume

    In the resume the student documents past educational and employment (paid or volunteer) accomplishments. (Submit directly to Dr. Christopher Mitchell.)

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