Research Stories

prescription opioids and heroin

Reducing Deaths from Opioid Overdoses: Successful Interventions and Clarifying Epidemiology

Professor James Swartz is working with the Illinois Department of Human Services to gain a better understanding of the opioid crisis in Illinois and to reduce deaths from overdoses.

Systems and communities support of youth within the juvenile justice system

In Illinois, 59% of all youth will return to an Illinois Department of Juvenile Justice facility within three years of their initial date of release (IDJJ, 2015).  Knowing this, what steps can we take to support young people in their transition back into their communities?  Robert Wilson, PhD, conducts research on how systems and communities support youth who have come in contact with the juvenile justice system.

Victims of domestic minor sex trafficking in Chicago?

Who and where are the victims of domestic minor sex trafficking in Chicago? Charles Hounmenou, PhD, is conducting research to explore the characteristics of child prostitution in Chicago, estimate the hard-to-reach population of victims still out there, and assess their service needs.

The well-being of African American males

Dr. McLeod’s overall research interest relates to the well-being of African American males and their families. Given the overrepresentation of African American males in the criminal justice system, Dr. McLeod’s research focuses on the experiences of Black males who have had contact with the criminal justice system.

Research to Support Fathers

Otima Doyle, PhD, researches the challenges African American fathers face and the strengths they utilize as they raise their children. She seeks to fill a gap in what we know about their role in promoting positive youth development.

Helping Police to Respond to Persons with Mental Illness

What happens when a police officer is dispatched on a call of disturbing the peace and, upon arrival, the officer encounters someone experiencing a mental health crisis? Amy Watson, PhD, is conducting research to explore the options.