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Christina Myers, PhD

Assistant Professor


Building & Room:

4420 ETMSW

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(312) 355-5889


Professor DeNard has several years’ experience working in publicly funded settings providing therapeutic and supportive services for children who previously experienced child maltreatment and who are leaving foster care for permanent placement.

Professional Interests:

Child welfare and prevention
Evidence-based practices within child welfare settings

Teaching Experience:

Child and family policy and practice


Child welfare and child well-being

Selected Publications


Myers, C., Garcia, A., Beidas, R., Yang, Z. (2019). Factors that predict child welfare caseworker referrals to an evidence-based parenting program. Children and Youth Services Review. doi: 10.1016/j.childyouth.2020.104750

Myers, C., Garcia, A., Beidas, R., Trinh, X., & Yang, Z. (2019). A theory of planned behavior exploration of caseworker referrals to an evidence-based parenting program. Journal of Social Service Research. doi: 10.1080/01488376.2019.1705458

DeNard, C., Clapier, B., & Yang, Z. (2019). PerformanceStat in Child Welfare: Leveraging Performance Management and Safety Culture to Improve Child Welfare Outcomes. Human Service Organizations: Management, Leadership & Governance, 43(3), 205-226. doi:

Garcia, A., DeNard, C., Morones, S., Eldeeb, N. (2019). Mitigating barriers to implementing evidence based interventions in child welfare: Lessons learned from scholars and agency directors. Children and Youth Services Review, 100, 313-331. doi: 10.1016/j.childyouth.2019.03.005

Garcia, A., DeNard, C., Ohene, S., Morones, S., & Connaughton, C. (2018). “I am more than my past”: Parents’ attitudes and perceptions of the Positive Parenting Program in Child Welfare. Children and Youth Services Review, 88, 286-297.

Garcia, A.R., Gupta, M., Greeson, J.K., Thompson, A.E., DeNard, C. (2017). Adverse Childhood Experiences among Youth Reported to Child Welfare: Results from the National Survey of Child & Adolescent Wellbeing. Child Abuse & Neglect, 70, 292-302.

DeNard, C. M., Skriner, L. C., & Beidas, R. S. (2017). Relationship Between Supervisor Factors and Therapist Knowledge, Attitudes, and Use of EBP in a Large Public Behavioral Health System. Psychiatric Services, 68(6), 641-642.

DeNard, C., Garcia, A., & Circo, E. (2017). Caseworker Perspectives on Mental Health Disparities Among Racial/Ethnic Minority Youth in Child Welfare. Journal of Social Service Research, 1-17.

Garcia, A. R., Kim, M., & DeNard, C. (2016). Context matters: the state of racial disparities in mental health services among youth reported to child welfare in 1999 and 2009. Children and Youth Services Review, 66, 101-108.

Garcia, A. R., Greeson, J. K., Kim, M., Thompson, A. E., & DeNard, C. (2015). From placement to prison revisited: do mental health services disrupt the delinquency pipeline among Latino, African American and Caucasian youth in the child welfare system?. Journal of Adolescence, 45, 263-273.

Garcia, A., Circo, E., DeNard, C., & Hernandez, N. (2015). Barriers and facilitators to delivering effective mental health practice strategies for youth and families served by the child welfare system. Children and Youth Services Review, 52, 110-122.

Editorial Reviews

Ad-hoc reviewer for:
Journal of Family Social Work
Child and Youth Services Review


BA, University of Maryland, College Park
MSW, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill School of Social Work
PhD, University of Pennsylvania School of Social Policy and Practice