Photo of Darkwa, Osei

Osei Darkwa

Visiting Clinical Associate Professor


Building & Room:

4246 EMTSW

Office Phone:

(312) 996-8561


Dr. Darkwa has over twenty five years of international social work, and administrative experience in higher education.

Professional Interests:
International Social Work and Social Development
Gerontological Social Work
Race and Ethnic Relations
Information Technology and Social Work Practice
Social Welfare Policy and Practice
Online and Virtual Learning Systems

Teaching Experience:
SocW 411: Critical Social Work in a Multicultural Society
SocW 460: Social Work Research
SocW 410 Human Behavior and the Social Environment
Social Welfare Policies and Services
Gerontological Social Work

Selected Publications


Darkwa, O., & Holton, J. (2021). Elderly African Americans Insights on the COVID-19 Pandemic: An Exploratory Study of Risk Perception and Personal, Social, and Cultural Factors. Health, 13, 354-368.

Cherner, Y. E., Mullett, G., Uhomoibhi, J., Darkwa, O. & Cherner, T. A. (2020). Activity-Based Gamified e-Learning for IoT and Energy Efficiency: Academic Education, Workforce Development, and Public Literacy. EPiC Series in Education Science, 3, 54-60.

Ruhiya Abubakar, A., Shankapul, S.R., Darkwa, O.K. (2017). A Review of Energy Demand Management Systems and Progress of Energy Supply and Demand Matching in Ghana. International Journal of Mechanical Engineering and Technology, 8(10), 285–299.

Darkwa, O.K. & Ross, A. (2004). Role of Multipurpose Community Telecentres in the socio-economic transformation of rural areas: A Case Study of Asante Akim Multipurpose Community Telecentre. GIMPA Journal of Leadership, Management and Administration, 2(1), 108-124

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Book Chapters

Darkwa, O.K. (2015). Information Technology and National Development. In Appiah-Adu, K. & Bawumia, B. (Eds.). Key Determinants of National Development: Historical Perspectives and Implications for Developing Economies (pp 231-246). Farnham, UK: Gower Publishing.

Darkwa, O.K. (2006) Older Adults in Developing Nations. In Berkman, B & D’Ambruoso, S. (eds.) Handbook of Social Work in Health and Aging (pp 967-972). Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press.


BA (Hons), University of Ghana
Post-Graduate Studies, University of Oslo
PhD, Washington University, St. Louis

Licensures and Certifications

Professional Certificate in Online Education, University of Wisconsin at Madison

Professional Memberships

Oxford Academic Union
African Gerontological Society