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Photo of Eads, Ray

Ray Eads, PhD

Assistant Professor


Building & Room:

4042 ETMSW

Office Phone:

(312) 996-0409


Dr. Eads has more than six years of clinical practice experience in inpatient behavioral health settings working with adolescents and adults with major mental health conditions, substance use disorders, and histories of trauma. Informed by this experience, his research agenda aims to improve treatment for traumatized youth and families and expand the benefits of behavioral health treatments to vulnerable groups through person-centered and strengths-based practices and techniques.

Professional Interests:

Child and adolescent mental health and trauma
Strengths-based and body-mind-spirit interventions
Intergenerational trauma and parental empowerment

Teaching Experience:
SocW 539 Mental Health Issues with Children and Adolescents

Selected Publications


Lee, M.Y., Eads, R., Lightfoot, E., LaSala, M.C., & Franklin, C. (2023). Current landscape of doctoral education in social work: A look at the PhD and DSW programs. Journal of Social Work Education.

Eads, R. (2023). Solution-Focused Body-Mind-Spirit (SF-BMS) group therapy for mental health and trauma symptoms among Asian-American youth: A mixed methods pilot evaluation. Families in Society: The Journal of Contemporary Social Services.

Eads, R., Bright, C., Lee, M.Y., & Franke, N. (2023) Promoting diversity and inclusion in social work doctoral programs through mentoring: Perceptions and advice from BIPOC students. Journal of Ethnic & Cultural Diversity in Social Work.

Eads, R(2023). Navigating post-trauma realities in family systems: Applying social constructivism and systems theory to youth and family trauma. Australian & New Zealand Journal of Family Therapy.

Lee, M. Y., Wang, X., Kirsch, J., & Eads, R. (2022). Mentoring international students in social work doctoral programs. Journal of Social Work Education.

Lee, M. Y., Eads, R., Bright, C., & Franke, N., (2022). Student and faculty perceptions of social work doctoral mentoring: Navigating academic, non-academic and diversity & inclusion issues. Journal of Evidence-Based Social Work, 19(2), 185–211.

Lee, M. Y., Eads, R., & Hoffman, J. (2022). “I felt it and I let it go”: Perspectives on meditation and emotional regulation among female survivors of interpersonal trauma with co-occurring disorders. Journal of Family Violence, 37, 629-641.

Eads, R., Lee, M. Y., Liu, C., & Yates, N. (2021). The power of perception: Lived experiences with diagnostic labeling in mental health recovery without ongoing medication use. Psychiatric Quarterly, 92(3), 889-904.

Hsu, K.-S., Eads, R., Lee, M. Y., & Wen, Z. (2021). Solution-focused brief therapy for behavior problems in children and adolescents: A meta-analysis of treatment effectiveness and family involvement. Children and Youth Services Review, 120, 105620.

Lee, M. Y., Eads, R., Yates, N., & Liu, C. (2021). Lived experiences of a sustained mental health recovery process without ongoing medication use. Community Mental Health Journal, 57(3), 540-551.

Coxe, K. A., Lee, G., Kagotho, N., & Eads, R. (2021). Mental health service utilization among adults with head injury with loss of consciousness: Implications for social work. Health & Social Work, 46(2), 125-135.

Lee, M. Y., Eads, R., Yates, N., Liu, C., & Wang, X. (2020). Revisiting medication: Listening to lived experiences from persons in mental health recovery without ongoing medication use. Social Work in Mental Health, 18(3), 285-301.

Eads, R., & Lee, M. Y. (2019). Solution focused therapy for trauma survivors: A review of the outcome literature. Journal of Solution Focused Practices, 3(1), 47-65.

Book Chapters

Lee, M. Y., Eads, R., & Magier, E. (2022). The miracle and scaling questions for building solutions. In L. Rapp-McCall, K. Corcoran, & A. R. Roberts (Eds.), Social worker’s desk reference (4th ed., pp. 504–510). Oxford University Press.

Lee, M. Y., Ely, C. G., Eads, R., & Wang, X. (2020). Collaborative and strengths-based intervening with students from single-parent families. In Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Social Work. Oxford University Press.


BA, The University of Texas at Austin
MSSW, The University of Texas at Austin
PhD, The Ohio State University

Professional Memberships

Society for Social Work and Research
Council on Social Work Education
Solution Focused Brief Therapy Association