Your gift makes a difference at Jane Addams College of Social Work. Alumni and friends provide the support necessary to sustain and advance the College’s mission of ensuring social, racial, and economic justice for at-risk urban populations.

Whether you’re supporting student scholarships, faculty research, technology, or international social work exchange programs, you are helping to move the field forward and ensure that JACSW remains a premier college of social work.

Thank you for your interest in making the world a better place through your support of Jane Addams College of Social Work. Your investment is greatly appreciated. Contact the Office of Advancement at or 312-413-2305 with any questions you might have.

I would like my donation allocated to the following UIC Jane Addams College of Social Work fund(s): (please do not include dollar sign or commas)

UIC JACSW Annual Fund:    $

UIC JACSW Scholarship:    $

UIC JACSW Class of 1973 Scholarship Fund:    $

UIC JACSW Class of 1990 Scholarship Fund:   $

UIC Jane Addams Center for Social Policy and Research Fund:    $

Scholarship Recipient - Lily Diego-Rivera

Throughout my education I have experienced inaccessibility because of my blindness, discrimination because of my ethnicity and cultural background, and have lacked resources to facilitate my success because of poverty. And yet, I still chose to return for a graduate degree. The scholarship I have received not only helps me reach my educational goals, but also helps me fulfill my life-long ambitions.

How to make your impact

Ways to Give

Jane Addams College of Social Work is committed to excellence in teaching, research, service, and scholarship. You become a partner with Jane Addams College of Social Work when you fulfill your philanthropic goals through gifts to the College. There are a variety of ways your goals can be accomplished. Jacquelyn Bonavia, our Director of Advancement, can assist you in tailoring your giving to best align your wishes with the College’s needs.

Where to Give

The generosity of alumni and friends plays an important part in helping students realize their dreams of becoming effective social workers. Our graduates are professionals committed to a practice that includes services to the poor and oppressed. They work to alleviate poverty, oppression, and discrimination.

Gifts to the annual fund and scholarship funds ensure that our students receive an excellent academic education, including support for critical field experience training in Chicago metropolitan social service and health organizations.

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