Faculty Spotlight

Dr. Charles Hounmenou

Assistant Professor Charles Hounmenou is a recognized authority on human trafficking and sexual exploitation and works to raise awareness of the problem, both as a JACSW researcher and faculty member, and as a staff member at the Jane Addams Center for Social Policy and Research.

In addition to his research, much of it focusing on the exploitation of children in West Africa, he makes frequent public appearances as a speaker or panelist.

In March of 2018, he was a guest on WBEZ’s Worldview program to lend his expertise on the subject of trafficking and exploitation in Chicago, which is a hub of human trafficking in the United States.

Most recently, he was the featured guest expert on The Roundtable Perspective, a production of Purdue University on Indiana public television, where he spoke extensively about the problems of human trafficking and sexual exploitation in Illinois and the Chicago metropolitan area.

Alumnus Spotlight

Emily Keesling MSW '17

JACSW alum Emily Keesling, MSW ‘17 is a licensed social worker at a skilled rehabilitation and long term care facility in the Washington D.C. area. As a graduate from our Community Health and Urban Development specialization (now the Organization and Community Practice specialization), she says she moved to D.C. “to be a part of the conversation and to influence my own personal knowledge of how I can better work within the system to help my patients. I witness medicaid and medicare funding dilemmas every day.”

While her “day job” is in direct practice, she routinely practices macro-level advocacy. She has spoken with Hawaii Senator Mazie Hirono about the necessity of women of color in politics, lobbied for #MeToo and #TimesUp, joined a brown bag phone call luncheon advocating for disability rights under disputing HR 620, organized for women’s health through Planned Parenthood, thanked District of Columbia Mayor Muriel Bowser for her work surrounding LGBTQ inclusivity in the workplace, and campaigned for a local house representative. “There’s so much more work to do,” she says, “and we are all responsible!”

About her time at Jane Addams, she says, “JACSW truly changed my social work career. I feel so connected to urban city populations after interning on an inpatient psychiatric unit at University of Illinois Hospital & Health Sciences System. If you are a person who wants to develop skills among communities with a variety of issues, and study under those who are truly committed to social work, JACSW can open doors for you.”

JACSW Alumni: we’d love to hear what you’re doing…

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