Faculty Spotlight

Assistant Professor Jack Lu

Assistant Professor Jack Lu has received an Honoring Our Professor’s Excellence (HOPE) Award from UIC Campus Housing on March 28, 2017. Campus Housing realizes how important it is for students to build a connection with faculty members, and the award recognizes and thanks exemplary faculty members for contributing to residents’ success.

The Jane Addams MSW student who nominated him for the award explains, “Professor Lu was very professional in the way he taught class and helped me learn the material. His professionalism is inspiring. I felt he genuinely cared in giving me an education with high quality. I also feel he was accessible answering e-mails and meeting with me when necessary. He provided the space for the continuation of my personal and professional growth. I am very glad I had the pleasure of having him as a professor.”

About receiving the award, Jack Lu says, “I am deeply honored to receive the HOPE award. The kind words shared by the student reflect what all social work educators aim to achieve, both inside and outside of the classroom.”

Student Spotlight

MSW student

MSW student Jessica Dabski has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and is now working on her MSW with a focus on mental health. “Psychology interested me because I was curious about why people are the way they are,” she says, “but social-work explores this further, and includes the many factors behind a behavior, personality or illness.”

Jessica says she chose Jane Addams “because of the mission statement: helping those who are disadvantaged, whether it’s because of a disability, or because of race, ethnicity or gender identity, or because they’re disadvantaged by societal structure.”

For her field placement, she has been at the college’s Central West Case Management Unit, working with elderly clients, assessing their needs and ensuring that they receive the services and support they need to continue living independently.

When asked if she has advice for prospective MSW students, she advises, “come into the program with an open mind. Be flexible and have faith in the experience. Every opportunity the program provides will give you a clearer lens and sharper tool for you to use in your journey as a social worker, as well as in your own personal life.”

Jessica has been accepted into UIC’s integrated evidence-based behavioral health care training program for next semester, and she’s very excited about it!

Alumnus Spotlight

JACSW alumnus

JACSW alum Lindsey LaPoint (MSW class of 2011) is working as Program Manager for the Adult Redeploy Illinois program, an initiative that seeks to divert non-violent offenders from state prisons by providing community-based services.

She recently participated in the first graduation ceremony of the diversion program in Will County. There was a great turnout for the ceremony and she had the honor of speaking to the gathered audience, which included a State Senator and a Congressman, as well jail inmates who were waiting to see if they would get into the program.

She and her staff are currently finalizing a “community involvement in adult diversion programs” toolkit. Lindsey explains, “It’s essentially a 75 page guidebook for criminal justice stakeholders, mostly at the court level, showing how they can bridge the divide that exists between the community and the criminal justice system. It showcases 14 programs in Illinois that are successfully doing just that.”

JACSW Alumni: we’d love to hear what you’re doing…

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