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Our academic programs prepare social work professionals for practice with poor and oppressed populations, and to work to alleviate poverty, oppression and discrimination.

If you're ready to make a positive impact with vulnerable populations and marginalized communities, please apply below!

The MSW Program

Preparing social workers to promote social, economic, and racial justice with urban at-risk populations, with specializations in Child and Family, Mental Health, Organization and Community Practice, School Social Work, and Social Work within Justice Systems.

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The MSW/MPH Program

Educating public health social workers who address health inequities in urban environments through prevention, intervention, research and advocacy.

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Preparing social justice researchers, scholars and educators for leadership in the advancement of social, racial and economic justice.

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Apply to the Post-MSW PEL Program

An online non-degree program to prepare MSW graduates to become eligible for the ISBE (PEL) School Social Worker Endorsement application process.

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