All News Items from Jane Addams

Professor James Swartz

The Public Health Impact of Cannabis Legalization

Professor James Swartz is studying the public health impact of cannabis legalization in Illinois and evaluating the development of programs to mitigate social problems stemming from the war on drugs.

Professor Sonya Leathers

Increasing Mental Health Access for Young People

Professor Sonya Leathers has received funding to extend the Integrated Behavioral Health Training Program for another four years, expanding availability of behavioral health services for young people.

Asst. Prof. Daysi Ximena Diaz-Strong

Helping Undocumented Youth Access Resources

Assistant Professor Daysi Ximena Diaz-Strong new study will help schools support undocumented youth in finding financial support for higher education.

Tomas Ortiz

Student Spotlight: Tomas Ortiz

Tomas Ortiz oversees training and program operations at community-based organization Acclivus, Inc., supervising staff who provide violence prevention services to five level-one trauma centers and seven communities at high risk for violence. Prior…

Anjanette Young

Alumni Spotlight: Anjanette Young, MSW ’15

Anjanette is a clinician, advocate, and founder of Café Social Work. She has many years of experience with mental health interventions, crisis management, clinical screening, and assessments with individuals, children, and families. Her…

Alumni Spotlight: Donald J. Dew, MSW '80

Donald J. Dew is President and CEO of Habilitative Systems, Inc. (HSI) and has more than 38 years of experience in health and human services. Since 1990, he has led HSI in its…

Student Spotlight: Janaé Eboni Bonsu

Doctoral student Janaé Bonsu’s research focuses on the intersection of interpersonal and institutional violence among Black people of marginalized genders, and the impact on survivors’ safety-related empowerment. As an activist, she is a…