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Photo of Bocanegra, Kathryn

Kathryn Bocanegra

Assistant Professor

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers


Dr. Bocanegra has over 15 years of experience in community mental health, community violence prevention, and criminal justice reform work.

Professional Interests:
Community violence prevention
Complex trauma and bereavement
Working with survivors of violent crime
Examining the intersection of the criminal justice system with urban neighborhoods

Selected Publications


Deane, K., Zakaryan, A., Romero, E., Richards, M., Bocanegra, K., DeCarlo Santiago, C., & Scott, D. (2020). Mexican American Urban Youth Perspectives on Neighborhood Stressors, Psychosocial Difficulties, and Coping: En Sus Propias Palabras. Journal of Child and Family Studies, 29, 1780–1791. doi:

Bocanegra, K. (2018). Community Context and Mass Incarceration. In R.D. Morgan (Ed.) The Sage Encyclopedia of Criminal Psychology. Alexandria, VA: American Correctional Association.

Bocanegra, K. (2017). Community and Decarceration: Developing Localized Solutions. In M Epperson & C. Pettus-Davis (Eds.) Smart Decarceration. Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press.

Voisin, D., Kim, D., Takahashi, L., Morotta, P., & Bocanegra, K. (2016). Involvement in the juvenile justice system for African American adolescents: Examining associations with adolescent wellbeing. Journal of Social Service Research, 43(1), 129-140.

Other Publications:

Bocanegra, Rak. (2015). The Little Village Youth Safety Map. Enlace Chicago.


BA, Vanderbilt University
MA, La Universidad Pontificia Comillas, Madrid, Spain
AM, University of Chicago
PhD, University of Chicago

Research Currently in Progress

Spatial analysis of probation in Cook County
Reducing revocations among probationers
Impact analysis of evidence-based probation supervision methods
Improving the effectiveness of homicide investigations