Training Institute for School Social Work Professionals

About the Training Institute

First developed in 2009, the Training Institute for School Social Work Professionals has provided additional training to practicing school social workers, keeping them abreast of new innovations and introducing practitioners to evidence-informed approaches to enhance the quality of services they provide to elementary and high school students.

Since its inception, the Training Institute has engaged hundreds of practitioners and has advanced the knowledge and skills of participants in areas including social and emotional learning, positive youth development, critical service learning, response to intervention and the use of technology. The Institute has also broadened its focus beyond school social workers to include other school-based practitioners, mental health professionals and community partners, all working toward the goal of improving outcomes for youth in our public schools.

Attendees can receive as many as 6.5 CEUs (continuing education units).

Booster Session: Expanding Equity: Addressing Racism in Our Work

Online booster session for the 2020 Institute, hosted January 26, 2021.
Recent events in the United States have demonstrated the need for school social workers and educators to address equity and race. Now is the time for us to have these difficult conversations. To change our paradigm, an introspective dialogue is needed on how best to engage in discourse on race, structural inequalities, oppression, and the invisibility of privilege.

Highlights from the 2020 Training Institute

back to school amidst COVID-19

Mental Health Strategies for School Re-entry for Students & Staff Amidst Societal Uncertainty

On August 4, 2020, the Jane Addams Institute for School Social Work Professionals 2020 Institute presented a prevention and intervention framework for supporting the school community’s emotional and mental health needs following the life-changing crisis events of COVID-19 and the national experience of racial injustice and police violence.

The Need for this Training Institute
Schools will open this fall face to face, virtually or a combination of both following significant societal changes that will have a long-term emotional impact on every person who enters the building. Effective and dynamic learning cannot take place without immediately addressing the upheavals of 2020: the COVID-19 pandemic, the death of George Floyd, and the local, national and international protests that followed. These factors may lead to increased mental health challenges for all, but careful vigilance must be focused on children and adolescents. There is great concern regarding the capacity and quality of student’s coping skills. Due to the unique combination of trauma associated with social isolation, economic recession, and social and racial inequalities, purposeful prevention and intervention services by the school social worker will be critical.

School social workers and other school-based practitioners provide 57% of all mental health services for adolescents, making schools the foundation for identifying and addressing students’ social and emotional health. The beginning of the 2020 school year is unique to no other and social workers and other school staff must be prepared to quickly respond to the multiple implications of these crises on the mental health of students and the school community.

Video: 2020 Opening Session

School Mental Health as we Restart School presented by Dr. Sharon Hoover, Co-Director of the National Center for School Mental Health. Learn more about Dr. Hoover below.

2020 Speaker and Workshops

Resources for School Practitioners

Spring 2020 Webinar: Field Placement Termination Amidst COVID-19

This webinar was held in April 2020, offering guidance for terminating field placements unexpectedly because of COVID-19, for school social work interns and field instructors.