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Summit on Reentry, Reeintegration & Aging

Forging Solutions to the Difficulties Faced by Older Returning Citizens

On November 29, 2017, the Jane Addams Center for Social Policy and Research convened a second Summit on Reentry, Reintegration and Aging. Participants included community partners, former prisoners and family of prisoners, as well as top-level public policy stakeholders from several Illinois state agencies.

Issues covered at the summit included helping returning citizens obtain ID, ensuring continuity of health care, and making sure they receive necessary community supports. Concrete next steps were identified to ensure that participants continue to push forward on these issues.

Dean Creasie Finney HairstonState of the College: Diversity, Equity, and Social Inclusion
Over the past year, national events have placed race and ethnicity at the center of public debate. On September 27 and October 5, 2017 Dean Hairston publicly examined the state of diversity at JACSW and how the College will continue it’s long-standing tradition of equity and inclusion.

Both events were attended by faculty and students alike, and the dean responded to student inquiries and concerns. She announced that she would hold a series of open forums in which students may freely voice questions or concern about the College. She also announced her plan to appoint a new Advisory Council to the Dean that will be charged with reviewing the state of the College and developing recommendations for maintaining equity and inclusion.

hiring for faculty

JACSW is hiring for a non-tenure track Clinical Assistant Professor.

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Jane Addams Spotlights


Henrika McCoy

The findings from Dr. Henrika McCoy’s research into LGBTQ homeless youth have been published for download on a beautiful new website.


Susanny Beltran PhD Student

For her PhD dissertation Susanny Beltran will investigate hospice and end-of-life care utilization among terminally ill Latinos.


Beth Tumiel

Alumnus Elizabeth Tumiel was part of an envoy that visited girls sports programming sites in Pakistan to exchange best practices.

Academic Programs


The Master of Social Work degree program prepares students with the competencies and practice behaviors necessary for advanced social work practice in an area of specialization.

Joint Degree

The MSW/MPH program allows students interested in the field of public health social work to integrate the competencies and perspectives of the two disciplines in a deliberate and coordinated way.

Post MSW
PEL Program

This non-degree program prepares those with an MSW to become school social workers and eligible to apply for the IBES Professional Educator License (PEL), School Social Worker Endorsement.


This program develops scholars of social justice, providing the knowledge and skills needed to advance social work theory and research, and to develop and direct social welfare programs and services.

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Your gift can strengthen the profession of social work through scholarships for students, by supporting crucial research, or supporting our community service programs.

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