Life at Jane Addams

People come to Jane Addams for the excellent education in social work and social justice. But, the student experience at Jane Addams also includes a variety of events and other opportunities for learning, socializing and affirming your passion for social justice.

A Glimpse Into Life at Jane Addams

  1. PhD students in the Analysis of Social Work Practice Approaches class visiting the Jane Addams Hull-House Museum to gain an understanding of historical roots of the settlement house movement and extract implications for contemporary macro practice.
  2. Jane Addams students and faculty marching in advocacy for women and other marginalized or oppressed groups of people (coordinated by student group the Jane Addams Advocacy Initiative).
  3. Every April, students travel to Springfield for NASW-IL's Advocacy Day, an opportunity to learn about macro social work at the state capitol building (coordinated by Jane Addams Student Government).
  4. The annual Karen J. Honig Memorial Lecture gives students, faculty, alumni and community members an opportunity to learn from noted scholars in child welfare and well-being.
  5. MSW students in the School Social Work Specialization participate in a poster session, where they present outcomes from Critical Service Learning projects they implemented in their field placements at Chicago area schools.

A Commitment to Diversity, Inclusion and Equity

MSW graduates

UIC is one of the most ethnically and culturally diverse universities in the nation, and Jane Addams College of Social Work maintains a strong commitment to providing an environment that is welcoming and supportive to all people. Nearly half of our students are from underrepresented minority groups.

We are also one of the health science/health professional colleges in UIC’s Urban Health Program (UHP), whose mission is to recruit, retain and graduate African American/Black, Latinx students with interest in the health sciences. It is dedicated to promoting diversity within the health sciences, addressing persistent health disparities in underrepresented populations and improving the quality and availability of healthcare in underserved urban areas.

Jane Addams and UHP are committed to the success of our students by:

  • Recruiting Black, LatinX and Native American students,
  • Providing academic enhancement opportunities,
  • Promoting, supporting and promoting community initiatives and programs that address health disparities and community health,
  • Encouraging all students to serve and practice in underserved urban areas, and
  • Collaborating in and promoting interdisciplinary programs and activities across the health sciences and health professions.

Jane Addams Student Government

Jane Addams Student Government (JASG) is a student-run organization with the purpose of:

  • Advocating on behalf of students,
  • Promoting a sense of community,
  • Ensuring effective communication between students, faculty, administration, and staff, and
  • Ensuring equitable representation for students in matters pertaining to student welfare.

Representing both the MSW and PhD programs, involvement in JASG facilitates student networking, develops leadership skills, and provides the opportunity to plan activities for the college.

Jane Addams Advocacy Initiative

Jane Addams Advocacy Initiative (JAAI) is a student group with the goals of:

  • Promoting awareness of local, statewide, national, and global social justice issues by creating an avenue for information sharing, dialogue, and the development of a critical consciousness.
  • Educating about various advocacy tactics, strategies and skills available to take action to fulfill our ethical responsibility to advocate.
  • Offering venues to take direct action and engage in political social work practice; setting the precedent for continuous social action throughout our careers.

The PhD Program at Jane Addams

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