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PhD program graduates

Our PhD program is designed to support the development of scholars of social and economic justice and to prepare leaders in one or more of the following careers:

  • Teaching in colleges or universities
  • Conducting and directing research
  • Administrating large-scale social welfare programs
  • Analyzing and advising on social policy

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PhD Program Testimonials

Stephanie J. Schmitz Bechteler

I always knew that I wanted to be a researcher, first and foremost. I needed a program and an advisor that would help train me to think like a researcher, to ask the right questions, to identify or create the right sources of information, and to have a keen analytical eye and to present my findings effectively. I received all of this and more from my program at Jane Addams. Students that attend JACSW will participate in a well-designed program that will equip them with the skills and experiences they will need to work in many different environments, doing many different kinds of jobs. They will meet classmates and colleagues that will be as interested and motivated in the work as they are, and it’s refreshing to have that kind of support in your graduate program.

Stephanie J. Schmitz Bechteler, PhD '15  |  Vice President and Executive Director, Research & Policy Center at the Chicago Urban League
Susanny J. Beltran

The Jane Addams PhD program curriculum is designed to help students shape their research agenda and gain the skills required to conduct rigorous studies that have real-life impact. The college also provides students the opportunity to develop teaching skills and offers the necessary supports. In my three years in the program, I have benefited from continuous support and guidance, including when applying for awards and scholarships, preparing for presentations, and conducting my dissertation. Overall, I have found the college to be a supportive environment for me to learn, teach, and conduct my research, which focuses on topics related to aging among Latino populations.

Susanny J. Beltran, PhD '19  |  Assistant Professor at University of Central Florida

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