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Summary of Third Summit on Older Persons in Prison and Returning Home. J. Strickland & C. Barber, 2019.

Scope of Human Trafficking in Illinois and Beyond. C. Hounmenou, 2018.

Summary of Summit on Aging, Reentry and Reintegration. J. Strickland & E. Barens, 2017.

Transforming Justice Conference Report. J. Strickland & S. Tabahi, 2016.

Building social capital for stable employment: The postprison experiences of Black male exprisoners. J. Strickland, 2016.

Youth Health & Well-Being Service Resource Sheet – Chicago. C. Hounmenou, 2016.

Starting All Over: Service Needs and Service Responses in an Urban Neighborhood. C.F. Hairston, 2016.

Human Trafficking in Illinois Fact Sheet. C. Hounmenou, 2016.

Justice Advocates: CURE and Prison Reform. C. Hounmenou, 2014.

Justice Advocates: Citizens Alert and Police Accountability. C. Hounmenou, 2012.

Justice Advocates: Citizens Alert and Police Accountability Timeline. C. Hounmenou, 2012.

Monitoring Human Rights of Persons in Police Lockups: Potential Role of Community-Based Organizations. C. Hounmenou, 2012.

Research Brief: Exploring a Statewide Coalition Involved in Human Trafficking Policy Implementation. C. E. Hounmenou, 2010.

Standards for Monitoring Human Rights of People in Police Lockups. C. Hounmenou, 2010.

Groundbreakers: A Look at Award Winning Social Work Managers. B. Coats & L. Crowder (Eds.), 2007.

Women Prisoners and Recidivism: Factors Associated with Re-Arrest One Year Post-Release. R.E. Bates, 2004.

Family Connections During Imprisonment and Prisoners’ Community Reentry. C.F. Hairston, J. Rollin, & H.J. Jo, 2004.

Children and Families of Incarcerated Parents: A View from the Ground. R.E. Bates, S. Lawrence-Wills, & C.F. Hairston, 2003.

Serving Incarcerated Mothers and their Babies in Community-Based Residences. C.F. Hairston, R.E. Bates, & S. Lawrence-Wills, 2003.

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