A Message from the Dean

Dean Hairston

After many months working from remote offices and seeing each other only on Zoom, the return to campus this fall is a welcomed change. Some problems and social conditions, however, are worse now than when we left our campus offices in March 2020. Violence stands out in this regard. Think no further than airline passengers assaulting flight attendants because they are told they must wear masks, the story of the two persons killed and one shot at a FedEx work facility, and the harsh treatment of Haitian immigrants by Border Patrol agents on horseback and the condition of immigrant camps speak volumes about the many faces of system violence. In cities like Chicago, high rates of poverty, segregation, and discrimination are accompanied by staggering numbers of homicides from gun violence

This issue of Affirmations features Jane Addams College of Social Work faculty, staff, students, and alumni who are on the front line as service providers in communities affected by gun violence, and as advocates and activists for social reform and systems change. The individual profiles, research studies, and programs presented here and on the College website are informative. I hope that they also provide hope and encouragement for others who are doing what they can, or looking for ways to make a difference that matters.

Creasie Finney Hairston, PhD
Dean and Professor

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Kristen Hall

Your support of JACSW students such as Kristen Hall enables their futures as social work practitioners who lead the advancement of social and racial justice, and it lights the way to a more just and equitable future for our society.  Learn More »

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