All News Items from Jane Addams

Student Awarded Schweitzer Fellowship

Madison Hammett, a student in the joint MSW/MPH program, was awarded a prestigious Schweitzer Fellowship for the 2016-2017 year.

Interprofessional Care

Social work students are part of a group nearly 800 students from UIC’s seven health sciences colleges who gathered for a highly interactive educational event to learn about interprofessional collaboration and patient care.

Pass Down Your Passion

Nancy Alexander MSW, class of 1974, earned her degree more than 40 years before Treneice Jackson earned hers this May, but they share a passion ― serving older adults as professional social workers.

Research to Support Fathers

Otima Doyle, PhD, researches the challenges African American fathers face and the strengths they utilize as they raise their children. She seeks to fill a gap in what we know about their role in promoting positive youth development.

Helping Police to Respond to Persons with Mental Illness

What happens when a police officer is dispatched on a call of disturbing the peace and, upon arrival, the officer encounters someone experiencing a mental health crisis? Amy Watson, PhD, is conducting research to explore the options.

Making Chicago Trafficking Free

In 2009 Laura Ng MSW ‘15 was working in corporate America with her eyes on law school and volunteering at her church with an organization fighting human trafficking. She now draws on her MSW education as she strives to make Chicago trafficking free.

Working the Field

Angelica Gomez MSW ’15 and Beth Schuck MSW ’15 reflect on the unexpected benefits of their field placements at Connections for Abused Women and their Children.

Celebrating Scholarship: Lily Diego-Alvarez

As a child, Lily Diego-Alvarez’s dream was to attend a university. Due to her blindness, language barriers, and lack of financial resources upon arriving with her family to the United States from Mexico,…