Field Instructors

JACSW provides the following support for its field instructors:

  1. Workshops to assist new and experienced field instructors in defining and carrying out their role.
  2. Guide field instructor in creating substantive learning experiences and articulating goals and competencies.
  3. Provide consultation to field instructors regarding field placement activities and/or learning challenges.
  4. Authorize use of university library facilities.

Field Instructor FAQ

  • Foundation Students complete a minimum of 450 hours, while Specialization
    students complete a minimum of 630 hours.
  • Provide a minimum of one hour per week of direct supervision by an MSW. This can be done as an individual one –on- one or in a group setting.
  • Introduce students to inter-agency supports to enhance their social work experience.
  • Include students in appropriate staff meetings and in service training for staff
  • Provide adequate office space and technology to fulfill their responsibilities.
  • Provide guidance, input and feedback in the student learning plan.
  • Provide timely evaluations of the student to the college at the end of each grading
  • Assist student in evaluating their own practice.
  • Assist student with developing a practice evaluation proposal.
  • Assign clients who are culturally and racially diverse, poor and marginalized
    populations at risk to student’s caseload to meet MSW field education learning
  • Provide student (as much as possible) with learning opportunities with all levels of systems (micro, mezzo and macro).
  • Provide student with exposure to working with a variety of client systems (individual, families groups, communities and organizations).
  • Review safety policies at the work place, community engagement and home visits.

Students in an MSW field placement are required to have one hour of supervision per
week with a supervisor that has held a Masters of Social Work for at least two years and has been with the agency for at least one year. This supervision can be done in a one on-one or group setting. Students may work with a task supervisor that does not hold an MSW but all supervision must be conducted weekly by someone that does have this degree.
As for physical supervision, students should never be left at an agency alone or without
a member of the clinical team who can respond to questions as needed. In such cases,
it is highly encouraged that students have access to their field instructor’s or direct
supervisor’s cell phone number.

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