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IBHE Certificate in Evidence-Based Mental Health Practice with Children

About the Certificate Program Heading link

The Jane Addams College of Social Work offers a Certificate in Evidence-Based Mental Health Practice with Children approved by the Illinois Board of Higher Education (IBHE). Only students admitted to the MSW program and enrolled in the mental health specialization are eligible to apply for admission to this certificate program. The program, designed for students in their specialization year who have a career interest in working with children with mental health issues, offers advanced training in evidence-based practice with children with mental health problems.

Evidence-based practice, as defined by the Illinois Division of Mental Health Evidence-Based Practice Committee, emphasizes a collaborative effort by children, families and practitioners to identify and implement practices that are appropriate to the needs of the child and family. The selected practices reflect the use of available research and, when implemented, are measured to ensure that they lead to improved meaningful outcomes.

Application Procedure Heading link

Applicants are selected for the certificate program in the year before beginning their specialization year based on a written statement included in the application for the certificate program, the extent that their personal statement for admission to JACSW reflects an interest in working with children or adolescents, their fall semester field evaluation, grades from their fall semester, and a brief in-person interview. Applicants are rated in each of these areas and decisions about admission are based on these areas and the fit of the applicant with available field placements in child mental health. In addition, applicants are required to be enrolled in the mental health specialization for their specialization year.

Plan of Study Heading link

Students admitted into the certificate program complete the following coursework required in the Mental Health specialization:

Fall Semester

SocW586 Practice III: Mental Health (3 credit hours)

SocW554 Policy II: Mental Health (3 credit hours)

SocW539 Mental Health Issues with Children and Adolescents (3 credit hours)*

SocW572 Field Instruction III (8 credit hours)

Total Credit Hours: 17

Spring Semester

SocW587 Practice IV: Mental Health (3 credit hours)

SocW— Research II Elective (3 credit hours)

SocW— Elective (3 credit hours)*

SocW573 Field Instruction IV (8 credit hours)

Total Credit Hours: 17

*A minimum of six credits of electives is required; students are free to take more with advisor approval. SocW539 fulfills one of the required elective courses and is required for students in the certificate program. Students may also—with advisor approval—take independent studies and non-social work courses at UIC (provided they are graduate level and approved by an advisor as relevant to social work). Such classes may also count toward MSW elective credit.

In addition to the Mental Health specialization coursework, students in the certificate program have a field placement in one of several specially selected mental health agencies committed to using evidence-based practice to treat children with mental health issues. Along with their agency-based field supervisors, these students also participate in a series of specialized integrative seminars.